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Skincare Therapy Sessions & Expert Waxing

For over 25 years I see the appearance of clients skin texture and barrier improve with my exfoliation and hydration techniques.
Ones natural skin tone returns presenting healthy radiance & clarity.

Featuring Lira Clinical™ Signature Facial Treatments

holistic approach • application • atmosphere
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Kamiah Idaho Skincare & Waxing Studio

I offer a hands-on assessment and treatment of my clients to correct, brighten, and hydrate skin with measurable results.

A Lira facial is a corrective treatment infused with Smart Peel ™  solution. The need for a this option began in my treatment studio as an opportunity for corrective skincare, a void often left previously unfilled.  The introduction of a chemical peel into the skin always needed a controlled solution first to maintain the health of the skin barrier. The histological response to the solution navigates future protocol selections.  Skin renewal is one of the natural functions addressed when the skin needs correction. Understanding that to achieve measurable results, skincare professionals must consider all the fundamental functions working on a system. Balancing the epidermal barrier while building skin up is essential for healthy maintenance and prevention. Melanin management and controlling inflammation are continually addressed in every product application. Creating functional formulations that can target more than one singular skin condition establishes an effective and safe treatment pathway for all skin types of healthy skin.

Featured ingredients:
Lactic Acid, Transexamic Acid, Badiaga, Vitamin C, Retinol, and Hyaluronic Acid.

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Jess's Skincare Studio

jess's skincare LFT Studio

All facials include steam, warm aromatic towels, deep cleansing, physical & chemical exfoliation, extractions, skin barrier balancing, hydrating treatment and high frequency light therapy for reducing bacteria after extraction or stubborn break out. Also used with gauze for an ozone effect for reducing redness & creating oxygen for tissue healing. A thoughtful facial massage with accupressure points, lymph drainage and muscle contouring extends to neck, décolleté and chest. Hands are massaged & warm towels and are applied with a compression technique. 90 minute sessions include longer facial massage and additional mask, foot massage and warm aromatic towels. No seed oils. I handcraft all massage oil blends for maximum efficacy and wellbeing.

I look forward to providing your service and experience.



Jess's Skincare LFT Studio

Jess's Skincare LFT Studio

is located at:

Beauty Mark Salon & Spa

501 Main Street, Suite 5

Kamiah Idaho 83536

Beauty Mark Salon & Spa

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